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CNY's first Whole Body Cryotherapy Chamber. 


Modern Day Ice Bath

Whole Body Cryotherapy (WBC): WBC exposes the skin to ultra low temperatures, -150 to -200 F. WBC stimulates cold receptors all over the body and triggers an internal systemic anti-inflammatory response. Exposing the skin to the extreme cold, powered by the vapors of liquid nitrogen, improves the blood circulation and increases the oxygen to all the cells in your body. The magic of whole body cryotherapy happens with the vasoconstriction and the vasodilation of the blood vessels.

It is an invigorating, nontoxic treatment and has been used for decades in Europe and Japan to lessen pain and aid in weight loss as well as to treat health problems including fibromyalgia, arthritis, depression, and even insomnia. Athletes who are familiar with icing and ice baths LOVE cryotherapy for being quick and effective in the muscle recovery process as well as allowing the athlete to train harder with less down time. People who will benefit from whole body cryotherapy include athletes and active individuals, people experiencing injury/ pain or poor sleep, and those who want to look and feel their best!

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-Improves Sleep

-Promotes Healing

-Reduction in the

Depression and

Anxiety Symptoms

-Flushes out Toxins


-Boosts energy



-Burn Fat and

calories through cold thermogenesis

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-Increases Collagen Production

-Tightens Skin

-Brings Blood to

Skin Surface

-Euphoric Feeling Daily

Research has suggested that whole body cryotherapy can increase the amount of white blood cells, the soldier cells that fight infection. This will aid in your body's ability to naturally fight off illness or disease when the immune system is compromised. 
Immune System
Increases activity of the Autonomic Nervous System which regulates heart rate, blood flow and digestive function. Cryotherapy also reduces cortisol levels by releasing endorphins, the body's natural feel good hormones and boosts energy. 
Nervous System
Whole body cryotherapy increases circulation and reduces inflammation. This natural healing and rejuvenation process can provide a more youthful complexion by stimulating the production of collagen, which is the foundation of firm and healthy skin. 
Beauty &

Whole Body Cryotherapy*

Single session - $30

10 sessions - $300

Therabody Compression Therapy 

Arms - $15 per session 

Legs - $15 per session 

Hips - $15 per session

Cryotherapy Hours



Monday- Thursday

8am-12pm, 1pm-6pm

SPI CRYO is located within SPI Fitness
5241 Judd Road
Whitesboro, NY 13492

(315) 765-6187
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